TXHD CEO (Wais Asefi) Interview

The world of marketing is currently in a state of flux. As the traditional media structures continue to erode and new methods for reaching people rise, it’s clear that good marketing has to dig deeper. Precisely how advertising can reach the most people, or, more importantly, reach the RIGHT people, is a question that continues […]

The Last Train Home-Religion, Science and Politics: The new Morality of Climate Change

Los Angeles, CA June 29, 2015 – Zamp Nicall’s latest music video “The Last Train Home” takes a look at the perplexing and radical changes to earth’s environment.  “In our latest release, The Last Train Home, we present an in depth yet artistic review of the new morality of climate change. Whether it be through the […]

Misting: The Evolution of a “Still Young” Industry

Phoenix, AZ June 26th, 2015. Twenty-five years have passed since a young man John M. came thru the door at PSI with an Idea.  None of the following could have been thought of at the time.  John had just graduated from A.S.U.  His father had come up with an inexpensive way to cool-off chickens in […]

Faith Steps for Military Families by Lisa Nixon Phillips is a Finalist in the 2015 Indie Book Awards

June 26, 2015 – Faith Steps for Military Families by Lisa Nixon Phillips was named a ‘finalist’ in the 2015 Indie Book Awards under the Religious/Non-Fiction category. (www.IndieBookAwards.com). About the Military Family Lifestyle Even though it was welcomed news to learn that the overall divorce rate among military marriages dropped in the last two years, […]

GunAdsUSA.COM has executed a co-venture agreement with the Lone Survivor Foundation

June 22, 2015 GunAdsUSA.COM has executed a co-venture agreement with the Lone Survivor Foundation to help raise capital for this invaluable organization. GunAdUSA.COM will host an auction, once a month, for a high value item with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Lone Survivor Foundation. GunAdsUSA.COM invites the shooting sports industry to donate unique items […]

West Coast Rapper Sitting Dove Ratchets Up Revolutionary Fervor with New Zeta (EP) Release

West Coast Rapper Sitting Dove releases his new Zeta EP on July 14th, 2015 as a follow up to his groundbreaking debut Blossom (2014) LP.  Ratcheting up  revolutionary fervor on one hand while succumbing to the alluring grip of MK-Ultra mind control programming on the other, Sitting Dove takes us on a journey from the front […]

New report suggests Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector problems are logistics provider opportunities

North America spending 6.7% of total CPG sales on logistics whilst Europe spends just over 10.5% Markets in the emerging economies have much higher cost bases- possibly twice that of the US Obstacle to growth of CPG sector in emerging markets remains poor efficiency of logistics “The Consumer Packaged Goods sector is one of the […]