Horse Insurance Deductible

Most forms of insurance include a deductible or excess and that applies as well to horse insurance. A typical policy for equestrian includes many different sections of coverage. However, the most common is veterinarian fees deductible since 25% of all horse insurance policy holders will make a claim for vet’s fees. Often times a myriad […]

Rewards Credit Cards, are they worth it?

It is difficult to imagine what life would be like without credit cards. They provide unlimited convenience for shopping, along with the flexibility of extended payments. And without them, internet shopping would be virtually impossible.   Many banks now offer incentives, or rewards, for the use of their cards. These rewards, sometimes referred to as […]

Types of Investments to Use for Retirement

A retired person must approach their investment strategy differently than a working person. While a retired person can still aim for growth, he or she must lower their risk and protect their assets. Here are four types of investments to use for retirement. Dividend stocks are the perfect vehicle for someone who wants to protect […]

The second home of your dreams

Buying a second home isn’t much different from buying a primary residence. If you don’t rent it out regularly, it’s not then considered an investment property and you can get the same mortgage rate that you would get on your primary house. Depending on circumstances, you might be able to deduct the mortgage interest from […]

Buying Estate Jewelry as an Investment

There are an increasing number of people buying estate jewelry. Many believe that estate jewelry is wonderful investments in today’s economy. Buying second hand gold jewelry can be a profitable endeavor for those who know how to buy. Before starting, buyers should get acquainted with the various styles and eras of estate jewelry. A great […]

How To Improve Your Credit Score – Top 10 Tips!

Having a good credit score is important if you are planning on getting a mortgage or obtaining any form of finance. Even people who want to buy a used car need good credit scores if they want to get decent rates. Good credit scores are important for other reasons as well. Landlords routinely check out […]

Top Five Ways to Promote your Online Business for Free

When launching a new online business, most entrepreneurs will not have a great deal of money to start a comprehensive advertising campaign. Yet this isn’t necessary, with the vast array of free publicity that you can find online. It’s possible to promote your online business without spending a single penny, using the following free promotional […]

Learn More About Trading Binary Options Online

If you still belong to the minority group that are still wondering what is binary options trading, then one of the dominant platforms in the binary options world, will give you the chance to learn how to trade free of charge, without risking a single penny from your own money. Option Range, the leading platform […]

What You Should Do if You’re Late on Your Mortgage


The decision to purchase a home is one of the most significant financial decisions facing prospective homebuyers. There are multiple factors involved in the process, including determining an affordable monthly mortgage payment amount, how to save and secure funds and cash loans for down payment, and what features a homebuyer considers a priority for their […]