5 Things You Can Buy Cheap to Start the Year

The new year is underway and Christmas shopping is behind us. You may have noticed that many stores have sales in January. You can think of it as the New Year’s slump. They want to do everything possible to encourage shoppers to come out to the stores and spend money. As you have probably noticed stores generally put certain items on special at specific times of the year. This is their yearly sales cycle. While there are some exceptions to the cycle, in general you can anticipate what will be on sale and then can plan accordingly for the items that you need.

There is often a right time and a wrong time to buy something. You will save money if you know exactly when the right time is. Let us look at five of the best deals that you are sure to find in the first month of the year:

1. Many people decide that losing weight is something they want to do in the new year. In fact it is one of the top of all New Year’s resolutions. Stores know this and they want to capitalize on this. What they do therefore is they put diet foods and drinks on sale to cater to weight conscious individuals. Look for diet meals, diet drinks, diet bars, diet supplements and the like.

2. Continuing on the weight loss theme there are plenty of weight loss products beyond food items that will also be discounted in January. If you wish to buy a new pair of athletic shoes or exercise wear then the start of the year is the time to look for it. If you want to improve upon your home gym then the wintry days and weeks of January are the wisest time to do it because you will save yourself a few bucks in the process.  Purchase an exercise bike, a treadmill, or a weight set this month. Sometimes even memberships at gyms are offered at a reduced price to draw in more people.

3. Is this the year you have decided to quit smoking? If it is then you are not alone. This is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions around. Some people fail at it while others succeed. The stores will do their part to help you to succeed by putting stop smoking aids on sale. Peruse store flyers and store shelves for such things as gum, lozenges and patches.

4. With the holidays behind them, stores want to make room for new merchandise but they first want to sell as much of their holiday stock as possible. The more they sell the less they have to store for next year. As a result they offer some excellent discounts on many holiday related items such as gift wrap, decorations, seasonal candy, and other holiday oriented finds such as place mats and tablecloths. This is the time of year to cash in on all those things you may find yourself needing when the next holiday season is upon you.

5.  If you need a new jacket for your skiing vacation, a new pair of gloves to wear to work or a new sweater or pair of boots then peruse the stores in January. There are often deals and discounts on winter garments at the start of the year because these items are in such high demand, for every age group and member of your family. If there is someone in your life with a winter birthday then a new scarf, pair of gloves or hat would make a wonderful present for them. While winter clothing is more likely to go on sale closer to the end of the season when stores start to bring out their spring collections, some stores are smart and want to get ahead of their competitors by putting sales on winter clothing items while the winter season is still in full swing. To find good deals for those snowy and windy winter days and evenings shop in January.

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