7 Ways to Make Frugality Work for You

Frugality is all about finding ways to spend less money and about not wasting the money you have. We all have our own methods that work for us as there is no one size fits all method for being frugal. Here are seven beneficial tips that can help you to keep more of your money with you!

1. Do you sometimes get home from work at night and you are tired and you do not want to cook so you decide to go out for supper? Or maybe you did not realize how low you were getting on groceries so the only solution is to order in?  If this scenario takes place in your household at least once a week then you are spending more money on food then you need to be.  Many people go out to eat because it is simply more convenient. To end this cycle plan out your meals for the week and make sure that you go to the grocery store before you run out of food!

2. If you are in a rush in the mornings then make your lunch for work the night before. If you make it before you go to bed then there is no excuse for not having lunch prepared the next morning when you are ready to head out the door for another workday. Doing this will keep you eating healthier at work and will keep more of your cash where you want it- in your wallet and your bank account.

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3. Programmable thermostats can save you money. When you are away at work during the daytime set the thermostat at a higher level. When you come home in the evenings set it at a cooler level.

4. Do what you can to get the interest rates on your credit cards reduced. If you have been with the same credit card provider for many years and you always pay your bill on time then ask them if it is possible to do this. Be polite about your request.  You may be surprised to discover that there is very little resistance at all. If they say no then you may wish to look for a lower interest credit card and do a balance transfer or you may decide to try again in a few month’s time.

5. Speaking of credit cards, if you currently have ID theft protection on the credit cards you have then you should cancel it because you do not need to be paying any extra fees for something that you may never need. Find out what the charge it and then decide if it is really worth it to you.

6. Are you addicted to texting on your cell phone? If you are then you need to find out how much each text you send and receive is costing you, because you know it is costing you a lot! The charges can add up very quickly if you make use of this feature on a frequent basis. As opposed to paying for each text  separately which can lead to big bucks you are better off choosing an add-on plan for texting where you will be charged  in the range of $5 to $10 per month to do what you enjoy doing.

7. Are you doing everything you can to save energy in your home? If your appliances are old then they may be eating away at your money at an alarmingly rapid speed. Consider trading in your old appliances for more energy efficient ones if this is the case. While you will pay more initially to purchase new appliances, in the long run the savings will be worth it.  Your windows are another example of this. If the air is escaping out of your old windows and if you notice a draft then your money is also escaping in that manner as well. Save energy and money by replacing your old windows with new ones.

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