Saving Money on Makeup and Personal Care Items

You are trying to curb spending and increase your saving efforts but you don’t want to give up makeup and personal care items. You don’t have to! All you need to do is to become thriftier about how you shop for them!

Here are some tips to help you spend less on the toiletries and personal items that you love so much:

Saving Cash on Personal Care Products

save money shoppingSometimes we toss makeup or toiletries in the trash before they are all finished because we are tired of them or we want something new. Unless the product has gone bad finish it up. Do not toss it until it is completely done. Check your bathroom cabinets and your makeup shelf, cupboard or bag to find out if you have any products that you have forgotten about and then use them. This will save you money on buying new items. Finish up the old ones first!

Expensive brands may be nice and may have that extra something but they are not always better for your skin or body and they are much more costly. Substitute your expensive makeup, hair care and skin care products for cheaper brands and see if they work just as well. You can start small at first. For instance instead of buying shampoo and conditioner from the beauty salon try a drugstore or department store brand. You may be surprised to discover that the pricey products are really not that much better. Downgrading to less expensive brands can make a tremendous difference in your toiletries budget!

If you seem to always need shampoo, body lotion, moisturizer or some other personal hygiene product then switch to purchasing the items in bulk or in family sizes where you can.  If you can wait until these larger sizes go on sale then that is even better. In most cases the larger sizes or bulk sizes will save you money over the long-term.  Before you buy a larger quantity of a product always check the price per unit to make sure that is the most cost effective deal. Some stores are sneaky and they will charge more for these sizes because they think that most shoppers will make the assumption that they are getting the cheapest deal. Be a smart and cost savvy shopper and don’t allow yourself to be fooled!

Look for coupons in flyers you get in the mail, magazines, newspapers and online. This can be an excellent way to try new products as well. Make sure that the item is a decent price to begin with before you use a coupon to purchase it. To save even more of your cash find coupons for products that are presently on sale and then buy them that way. Keep abreast of sales in your area and keep your coupons on hand so that you are always ready to scoop up the savings! In this way too you can still purchase your favorite products but at a fraction of the price!

Do not be heavy handed with the products you use regularly. A little goes a long way whether it is toothpaste, shampoo, foundation or hand lotion. By so doing you will not use up your products nearly as quickly. For instance you do not need to lather your hair twice when you wash it and a small quantity of antiperspirant should provide you with the protection you need.

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