Simple Ways of Going Green and Saving Your Green – Money

The desire to change the world and do the environment good are very admirable and show a sense of responsibility for the planet as well as a great deal of awareness. There is another reason why going green is such a great idea- are you ready for this? – it can help to save you money!

There are so many ways (simple and easy ways actually) that you can help the Earth and hold onto more of your cash. Let us look at some of those inventive ways here.

go green and save money Washing and Drying Your Clothes

We begin with… washing your clothing. This is something that all of us have to do. But the way you do it can affect the planet and your bank account. Whenever it is possible wash your clothing in cold water. Approximately 85 percent of the energy that is required to launder clothes in a washing machine is devoted to the heating of the water. If you switch to cold water then this issue is no more.

To save money and energy when it comes time to dry your clothes hang them outdoors on a clothesline or use a drying rack indoors. You will love the smell of your clothes if you are able to hang them outside to dry and the cash you will save will amaze you!

Grow Your Own Vegetables  

Start your own vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables offers nutrition for you and your family that is only a few steps outside your door. It is close at hand when it is time to prepare a meal. Find out which plants are native to your area and are drought-tolerant. These plants require very little watering which can save you money on water and is a blessing to the environment.

Commuting Costs

How you commute back and forth to work can make a difference as transportation costs can really add up. The less gas you spend the more cash will remain in your pockets. If you can take the bus, the subway or carpool then do that. If you can walk to work or bike, or a combination thereof then that is even better for your financial picture and for your health. You will save on gas and parking costs and you will also keep your heart in good shape.

Go Meatless and Organic

When it comes to the foods you eat consider going meatless for one day a week. Substitute beans or legumes for meat. Or if one day a week is too much to be meat free then do it for one meal a week. Meat is expensive. When you do buy it purchase it from local farmers so you can keep the money in your own area. Choose meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products that are organic, free range and humanely raised.

Be Smart About Your Bottled Drinking Water

Everywhere you go you see people carrying plastic bottles of water. Drinking water and toting it with you is a good thing for your health but buying plastic bottles all of the time is not good. It is costly and it is unhealthy because the plastic gives off chemicals. It is particularly unhealthy if you freeze the bottle and then thaw it.

Purchase a reusable water bottle instead for work, travel or family outings. Choose one that is made of either stainless steel or aluminum and steer clear of plastic.

For home use consider purchasing a water filter that will purify your tap water instead of buying big bottles of water. There again, bottled water is pricey, whether you buy the large bottles for home or the small bottles for your car or purse. In the same way the environment is not too happy with them either. Bottles of water equal a great deal of container waste.

Buy Used, Buy Online or Rent

If there is something you wish to buy and it is something that you will only need to use once or twice then find out if you can rent it. Or go the free cycling (also known as free recycling) route. Give away useable unwanted items or swatch them for items you need online. One resource worth visiting is

Before you buy anything new consider whether you really want to spend the money for it or not. If it is furniture or appliances you need then check the Internet to look for secondhand items that are gently used or practically new. Look to or related sites for help in this area.

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