Stay in Shape Without Spending a Lot of Money

When you exercise on a regular basis you improve your quality of your life because it keeps you stronger and healthier. Exercising regularly also helps to keep infections and health problems at bay. But even though we know these things deep down we still find excuses not to lace up our sneakers and move our bodies!

A common reason that many people give for not exercising is lack of funds to do so. Do you really believe that keeping in shape and staying in shape is only for those with lots of money at their disposal? Really, do you honestly believe that?

That is rubbish!

Even if you are on a strict budget and there is not a lot of wiggle room you can still get the exercise you need to get in shape, lose weight and tone up. Exercise is for everyone and has no connection to your socio-economic status.


Here are some tips to help you to get more physical activity even if money is your sore spot:

Toss the Gym Membership

Why is it when you talk about exercise some people automatically think of a gym? Worse yet, some individuals think that the only way to get fit is to work out at a gym? For other people as soon as they purchase a gym membership this ensures that they will get less exercise. Gyms make thousands of dollars every year on unused memberships. Forget the gym membership. They are often overpriced and fitting the gym hours into your own schedule can cause more stress in your life. As well the pressure to exercise will make you want to run in the other direction! It is also sometimes a challenge just to use the equipment you want because they are always being used by other members.

If you want to run on a treadmill then make your own investment in one for your home. Or save your money and walk or jog in your own neighborhood. Check out parks, hiking trails and stroll down the sidewalks of streets that are familiar and new to you. Buy a pedometer and attach it to your belt so you can keep count of how many steps you have taken on each outing.

Make Small Changes

Forget the elevator at work as well as when you go to appointments and the mall and take the stairs instead. On your lunch hour at work take a stroll. If there is nowhere to go then walk around the building a couple of times. This gets your blood moving and it can be energizing.

Walk instead of driving whenever you can. There are lots of ways to add more exercise into your everyday life. Bending more and stretching more does not cost a dime. Take breaks away from your computer and jog on the spot or make circles with your arms. The more you look for way to incorporate physical activity into your life the more ways you will find.

Take Advantage of Commercial Breaks

So you like to watch television? Well that is no crime but it is no excuse to be a couch potato! Buy an inexpensive exercise mat (even the dollar stores sell them now), lie it down on the floor and do some exercises during the commercials. This is a great way to enjoy your favorite programs and get some exercise at the same time. Do sit ups, push ups, squats, crunches and jumping jacks. “The Mentalist” will never be the same again once you start exercising while watching the tube!

Buy Light Weights

Strength training by way of lifting weights can help you tone your body and it is very good for your bones. Purchase some light weights (5 to 10 pounds weights can do the trick) and then use them two to three times a week. In fact you can include them with your workouts that you are doing during the commercial breaks as described above. These weights are not expensive but will help you reap many health benefits.

You do not need money to stay healthy, lose weight or get in shape. Stop with the excuses and start changing your health situation and your financial situation right now.

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